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Welcome to Perfectly Parker! I'm no expert in autism but I am an expert in my child with autism...

I 've always been a very private person when it came to social media and my family. It was a topic that was always off limits and I had no intentions on changing it. When Parker was diagnosed with autism I turned to the very thing I shunned, social media. I took to Facebook, YouTube, and anything else I could find to help me get answers. I found a lot of information but I found the most comfort and solace in people telling their stories. I soon starting telling people our story and not only did it provide sense of comfort for me it helped other families going through the same situation. 

  I am no expert in everything autism but I am an expert in my child with autism. This blog is purely a look at our family dealing with autism, and although I can relate to many parents that have children on the spectrum it's important to understand that no two individuals with autism are the same.

I've met many parents that have said they knew from the beginning that their child had autism, even if they didn't necessarily know at the time what to call it. This wasn't the case with Parker. Developmentally Parker was meeting all age appropriate bench marks. We went to every well visit, in which Parker's then pediatrician assured us everything was on target. It wasn't until she started daycare and her teacher noticed she wasn't speaking appropriately that I started to pay closer attention to her speech. I brought the topic up to her pediatrician who assured me I need not worry and that I needed to read to her more and "require her to say things". Parker's speech still wasn't improving. This followed with multiple ear infections, ear tubes (which was done because Parker couldn't hear out of her left ear), febrile seizures, and months of intensive reading and me "requiring her to say things" is what led us to seek more help. I placed Parker in speech therapy (against my pediatrician's advice) who noted her motor skills, balance, and sensitivity to certain things may require more therapy. She was placed in occupational and physical therapy who noted that she had a sensory processing disorder, but "defiantly not autism." It wasn't until Parker's new pediatrician, unbeknownst to my husband and I,  sent a referral for Parker to be evaluated for autism that the thought crossed my mind. 

So many emotions went through me at one time. Once Parker was diagnosed it was blogs, vlogs, and support groups that helped me realize  her autism is apart of her but it doesn't define her. I wanted to help other families like I had been helped which led to me starting a YouTube channel and eventually a blog.  We've come a long way in our autism journey and even though I'm terrified of what the future holds I am excited to bring you along. 

For more information about our journey with autism visit the Perfectly Parker YouTube channel and please follow us on Facebook

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Welcome to Perfectly Parker.

 A blog dedicated to the joys, stigma, and challenges associated with raising my daughter with autism. I started a Perfectly Parker YouTube channel to share our journey and that led to me starting a blog. I hope you take away from this blog that you are not alone and even though a new diagnosis may be scary and confusing you can and will get through it. 


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