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Defying Autism Daily (DAD)

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

My name is Marcus Hicks and I make up the dad portion of the “Perfectly Parker” duo.

In the typical adult world, the word “defiance” wouldn’t necessarily be the word that a parent would want to be associated with as it relates to their children. Such an alias may provoke thoughts of a child who disobeys, a parent who isn’t quite stern enough and who fails to follow through, or maybe a conjunction of both. But what if I were to say that “special” children have this innate ability to transform the most daring words into the most accepting. Imagine, a tiny soul with ability to shift an adult’s viewpoint from what the world presents to be into what the world could be! My name is Marcus Hicks and I make up the dad portion of the “Perfectly Parker” duo. My wife Shylisa and I for the past 6 years have been cloaked with the joys of raising our beautiful daughter Parker who’s on the Autism Spectrum.

Each and every day since her birth has been about as distinct as a snowflake and has really sharpened our dynamics on what being a parent is all about.

I’m elated to be able to share our story on raising Parker, and the individual roadblocks I had to combatant as a dad raising a daughter with autism. From the effects on my professional career to the social life dilemmas my wife and I face. It’s simultaneously been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. My objective is to allow others an insight look into what raising a child with autism looks, feels, sounds, and even TASTES like! I also hope to capture the transparent essence of what other families may experience who are too raising children with Autism.

Our journey has been action packed from highs that rival the steepest Disney roller coasters to lows that beg of the assistance of the smallest ant. However, through it all with our story we hope to portray the word “defiance” through the eyes of our family.

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